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Are you curious about the society you live in and the people around you?

Economics asks big questions, such as why countries develop, why inequality persists and what the future of work will be like. It thinks about how to design internet platforms and health systems and policies to tackle climate change. It also studies human behaviour, including co-operation, peer effects and pro-social behaviour.

Do you want to change the world?

Economics is the most powerful social science with economists working in key roles in government departments and at the Bank of England, not to mention international organisations such as the World Bank.

Do you want a well-paid career?

Economics graduates are among the highest paid. Studying economics gives students great analytical skills and trains them to be comfortable with data. Most economics graduates won’t go on to be economists; but they will be hired as data analysts, consultants, financial analysts, policy and strategy advisors, researchers, accountants.

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Economics offers a toolbox that can help to tackle the major challenges of our time.