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Discover Economics is a new three-year campaign, launched in October 2019, in partnership with leading economics organisations. The campaign aims to:

  • broaden the appeal of economics to potential students
  • change their perceptions of economics and economists
  • increase diversity among economics students. Women and state-educated students are currently under-represented among undergraduates and A-level students.

Promoting good economics education is important at all ages, but the campaign is targeted 15-17 year olds who are making choices about what post-16 qualifications to take and what subjects to study at university.

The campaign is co-chaired by

Attracting people from a wide diversity of backgrounds and outlooks into economics really matters – for the future of the discipline and for good policy-making. With this campaign, we will do all we can to engage the very best and brightest students.

Rachel Griffith, President of the Royal Economic Society

The economy affects everyone.  Yet at present economics is not for everyone;  it is neither diverse nor inclusive along many dimensions, including gender, ethnicity and social class.  It is for the economics profession, including employers of economists, to fix it.  That is why the Bank of England greatly welcomes and supports this important campaign by the Royal Economic Society, Discover Economics, to improve the diversity of the economics profession, from schools through universities into the world of work.

Andy Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England

Funding Partners

The Health Foundation Royal Economic Society

Founding Partners

Bank of England Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy, Warwick Centre for Economic Policy Research CORE EconFilms The Economics Network The Economy Frontier Economics Institute for Fiscal Studies Institute for GovernmentMcKinsey & Company National Institute of Economic and Social Research Royal Economic Society Scottish Economic Society The Society of Professional Economists Think Smart The University of Warwick

Launch event, October 2019

hosted by the Resolution Foundation in central London

Opening presentation Student speaking Student speaking Student speaking Student speaking Panellists Panel discussion Panel discussion Audience

Slides from the opening presentation by Prof. Sarah Smith, University of Bristol (..pptx)


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