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What do economists do?

Economics graduates enjoy some of the highest financial returns of any degree subject.

At age 29, male/ female economics graduates earn £50,000/ £46,000 on average. Taking account of their background characteristics, this is 33% (men)/ 60% (women) more than is earned by similar people who don’t go to university.

What do economics graduates do?

Economists are employed by a wide range of different employers – you could work in the financial sector, for a tech company, an economic consultancy, the government or an NGO.

Working for the Government Economic Service

Economists in the not-for-profit sector

Most economics graduates don’t work as economists. Instead, they use their skills in a diverse range of careers: Analysis (financial, market, data), Public policy, Consulting, Accountancy, Research, Charity/ development, Market regulation.

Jobs done by Economics graduates from the University of Bristol

Studying for an economics degree gives you a versatile set of skills that you can take into a wide range of different careers.

  • Analytical skills – you will be good at distilling and analysing complex problems
  • Market insights – from designing and regulating tech industries to understanding consumers, you will have an excellent understanding of markets and incentives
  • Working with data – you will likely be comfortable with handling data and using it to generate real-world insights.

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